Surf / Life Balance

I hope you will agree this has been an excellent summer and for those of us in suits it has been a hard summer to work through.

The temptation to abandon the business suit for the wetsuit has been very strong at times. The offices of Cornwall Finance & Investment Services are blessed to be very conveniently situated near to one of the best beaches in the UK, Lusty Glaze Beach voted best beach in Britain 2017 and it is possible to grab a quick surf before or after work. Mark Ridgment Director, of Cornwall Finance & Investment Services, has been a Regulated Financial Adviser for 29 years, but a longboard surfer for 44. The enclosed video is Mark surfing the break at Poipu Beach Kauai Hawaii, a bucket list ambition.

Being active is a blessing, particularly if this can be continued into later life. Indeed many of our retirement clients, wish to tailor their pension income to allow them to have a greater income in their early active retired life and less later when they are unable to get around so well. Some of our clients are happy for the capital to run down, some wish to have residual capital to pass to future generations.

Cornwall Finance & Investment Services Retirement Advice involves the production of detailed cash-flow models driven by our clients Financial Objectives. These take into account our Client’s income and capital requirements and through regular monitoring over the years, ensures the capital spent in accordance with our Client’s needs and lasts as long as they require. This is a balancing act just like surfing, fortunately we are good at both.

If you wish to know more of our service or have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me or my team on 01637 839098, mob. 07710 868 377 or by email at

Mark Ridgment DipPFS, HCIMA
Director CF&IS ltd