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Retirement Planning

Annuity purchase is an important decision with long-term consequences. Once an annuity is in place it cannot usually be changed or cancelled. We can help you to be sure that an annuity is the best choice and includes the features you need.

Those retiring now have more choice than ever before.

We help you by: Understanding all the income options available and help you source the greatest possible income thus enabling you to enjoy the enhanced flexibility that pensions now offer.



Whether you are seeking to invest for capital growth or to create an income from your investments.

We help you by: Analysing your attitude to investment risk, your desired time-scale and personal investment objectives and therefore securing the best investment for you from the thousands of investment products available on the UK market.

Investments can go down as well as up and you may not get back the original amount invested.


Pre-Retirement Planning

Pensioner poverty is a real threat. From the 6th April 2022 the Basic State Pension is £185.15 a week. In contrast average UK household spending is £ £588 per week. (Office of National Statistics 2021). Without personal savings that means a two person household could face an income shortfall of up to £217.70 per week. However, mortgage, or dependents to payments may not exist in retirement, so the total income shortfall may be less. What is clear is that reliance on the Basic State Pension to provide for your comfortable retirement income alone, is a very high-risk strategy.

We help you by: Reviewing your existing retirement savings to ensure they are suitable for your individual needs, provide tax efficient savings and the best possible return appropriate to you.



Whether you’re a first time buyer, an existing home-owner looking to move house, or seeking to reduce your mortgage costs through re-mortgage.

We help you by: Researching the whole of the market to find the mortgage package that best suits your needs. We will help you through the application process all the way to completion.

We operate a no win no fee service our fee of £487.00 is only payable when a formal Mortgage Offer Letter is produced for you. The Financial Conduct Authority does not regulate some forms of Mortgage


Estate Planning

When you die who do you want to benefit from your estate, your chosen beneficiaries or Her Majesty’s Revenue & Customs?

We help you by: Using Trusts and other instruments to potentially shelter your estate from Inheritance Tax and ensure that only the people and organisations you choose benefit from your death.

The financial conduct authority does not regulate estate or tax planning.

Equity Release

Do you have an Interest Only Mortgage coming to an end and have no means of repayment? Do you want to retire, but your lack of pension savings mean that you have to keep working? Do you love your home but need to make changes to keep living in it? Has the bank of Mum and Dad received a withdrawal request?

Corporate Financial Planning

Many of our clients are Sole Traders or Small Medium Enterprise (SME) owners. We help you by: Offering advice and arranging financial plans which:

  • Protect your business through Shareholder or Key-Man insurance.
  • Advise on company pension schemes for Directors and/or employees. This is particularly relevant in helping your business comply with the new Auto-Enrolment legislation; as all employers will have to offer eligible employees a work-based pension scheme by 2017.
  • Arrange commercial or asset finance for your business.

The financial conduct authority does not regulate Auto Enrolment products.



Regardless of how long you plan to save for; or whether you are you saving for a specific purchase or expense; or just for a rainy day.

We help you by: Aiming with the advantage of advice, to ensure your savings will be suitably placed to achieve your goals, in a tax efficient manner where appropriate.


Life Assurance Planning

If you died would your partner, your children, or your dependents cope financially?

We help you by: Advising on the most appropriate level of protection for your family’s financial needs, in the event of your death and to obtain the best value cover for you.

critical illness cover newquay cornwall

Critical Illness Cover

Have you ever considered the financial impact of critical illness? The emotional impact can sometimes be compounded by financial pressures.

We help you by: Advising on plans that offer a lump sum payment on diagnosis of a specified range of critical illnesses.


Income Protection For Life

Two-thirds of people inaccurately underestimate the risk of them being unable to work for over six months. 17% believed that their risk was as low as 1 in 1000, when the reality is around 1 in 4 (Source: research by “think tank” Demos). How would you pay your mortgage/rent and other bills if you were unable to work due to sickness or accident?

We help you by: Advising on the most appropriate level of protection and to obtain the best value cover for you. We arrange plans that offer permanent solutions designed to replace your lost income if you are unable to work due to accident or sickness.