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How Would You Cope?

We are Cornwall Finance & Investment Services, our job is to assist our clients to create, preserve and enhance their wealth.

Sickness and ill health with the consequential loss of income is a major destroyer of wealth in the UK.

We have the pleasure to enclose a guide produced by our good friends at Holloway Friendly, which demonstrates clearly the devastation that not having Income Protection brings to ordinary people.

You can view the guide here

It is a scandal but true, nearly all mortgage lenders do not insist on their customers holding, nor even do they offer, good quality Permanent Income Protection. If you do not hold Permanent Income Protection, you are running a serious risk with your and your family’s wealth. In this time of expense for most families, we urge you spare a thought to ensuring you are able to make every Christmas special as we hope this one will be.

Permanent Income Protection costs less than most people think, please contact us for your personalised quotation and get your Permanent Income Protection cover sorted for 2019.

This is our final blog for 2018 and we at Cornwall Finance & Investment Service Ltd. would like to wish all our clients old and new, a very happy Christmas and a peaceful, safe and prosperous 2019.

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